23/4/13. Now in YOGYAKARTA. Arrived last night but like the last time my luggage was not there. They rang the service in Jakarta and while I was waiting at the luggage belt somebody from the service asked me if I was Orskov. I said yes and he told me that my luggage from Aberdeen to Amsterdam plane was not changed to the next plane to Jakarta in time.

24/4/13. Had to stop writing yesterday other things to consider thinking and writing about my lecture today. The luggage arrived at Yogya airport in the afternoon and went to pick up with Tin Tin. Had an apology today from KLM and they have paid me 65 US Dollar on a compensation! Last time when the same happened they paid nothing nor was there an apology. After picking up to luggage went to my favourite place Prembanan for dinner. Lovely as usual good weather and good food. The University paid it.

Had a wonderful time lecturing to undergraduate students this morning so many questions they asked. Then went for lunch with colleagues at the Department and then back to work as a paper where Tin Tin has put me on as co-author as she has done before though my real contribution has not been great. The evening to Gammalang playing and then for a lovely dinner. Have got the email to work ok. Just been told to get something from Yakkum and also from Malioborough street. My favourite shopping street. Tomorrow lecturing again at 9 am to a group of undergraduate students. Have to go to a different hotel tomorrow for one night then back again on Friday. On Sunday after lecture we have to go to a city called Magalang to see Julian Dary. She was one of my students at Gadjah Mada University.

25/4/13. Lectured again this morning to a small group of student. As good as yesterday but different group. Then in the afternoon went to Yakkum to buy some beautiful things to sell at home. The products they produce is made by handicapped people. Then to the market in Malioborough street to get some bags and hats. I was asked by Joan to get some more coconuts spoons but could not find the best. Tonight we were in a party organized and paid by Bu Yuni. Her daughter has been married to a Polish doctor who works in Viborg in Denmark. Such a surprise as we visited Viborg not long ago in September last year. Tomorrow lecturing at 0715 so have to get up at 6 am for breakfast so it is now 1030 so better go to bed soon.

26/4/13. The lecture went fine or at least I enjoyed it. There were only about 8 Post Graduate students. Then after that a Doctorate examination. He got through ok. He was from Lambok and all his Lambok family were there to take part. In the afternoon we went to Mag dalang a town north of Yogyokarta where there is a University where one of my students from Yogya now. We had many discussions about science but also about animal adaptation. They were keeping Holstein cows giving about 7 litre of milk/day which can not be economical. They have some hills nearby and we discussed which an experiment with similar feeds should be conducted on to see if the type of feeds could affect the response to the climate at low and high altitudes.

27/4/13. Dewanti from Lombok arrived last night to discuss work in Lombok. I have known her for many years and she has set up several projects including Orskov Foundation project with fish. This morning of to Merapi to see the results of our OF projects with goats. They have developed a new systems of preserving milk for sale namely freezing them in small bottle which are then sold in Yogyokarta also at UGM restaurant. The milk is protected by ice not by pasteurization. The price of goat milk is about 4 times more than cattle milk making it very profitable for the small farmers the OF supported. Nice and rewarding to see such effects. In the afternoon of to Wonolagi with children clothes I had with me. Very nice to see the pleasure of the children. A lot of the clothes were for babies not walking yet. But the community was very pleased. I have seen them many times before. One pregnant women first time was pleased to see clothes for the baby to be born in May! Then of to Prembanan for dinner. Bu Tin Tin joined up with Dewanti and her son and invited them. It was a nice time as usual. The best place in the world for dinner as I have said many times.

28/4/13. Fist thing this morning to go again to a Merapi trial which we started some years also with goats. They explained the problems of the Merapi in 2010 but now ok. They were producing dry products consisting of about 30% goat milk and 60 % sugars and some minerals which are successfully sold. Also sweet pellets for humans consisting of some goat milk and sugars. They gave me samples to take back to eat. These are also full of Sapah trees producing Sapah which is a wonderful product to eat. Have a few to take home. But my case is getting full. We went to have Gammalang music again tonight but it was cancelled due to somebodys death. Then back early to Puri Artha hotel. Tomorrow of very early to go to Sumatra to a large farm near Lampung. They have asked me to come and paid for extra travel.

29/4/13. Now in Jakarta airport on way to Lampung. We left early had to get up before 6 am for breakfast in Puri Artha hotel and then by a Puri Artha car to the airport at 6.30 am for booking the flight to Jakarta at 7.00 am leaving at 8. So at 12.30 going to Lampung at Sumatra. Arrived ok. Was met in Jakarta by a girl from the company then a short fly to Lampung from Jakarta 30 minutes and was met by a Company car taking me to where the company work. Never seen so many cattle in the same place more than 20000 must be all of them imported from Australia for fattening in Indonesia when they came about 1.5 years old and when slaughtered about 2.5 years old. They also raise goats about 1000 starting a year ago, Also dairy cattle. Many different breeds and different colours so much to see. I was given a lovely welcome to the group by Anchor and had a lovely dinner with the group in the official guest house. Tin Tin is also here as she organized the travel. They even provided red wine and a drop of whiskey which is seldom to get in the Muslim country.

30/4/13. This morning speaking to the group I gave them 3 or more lecture about nutrition which could be of interest for them. Protein requirement, cereal processing, animal adaptation etc. After lunch back to see the cattle and goats eating and the see the food offered by the large machines. While the food is good it must be a sad place for animal to be packed into a small area with concrete floors. Some recently imported cattle 2000 1.5 years old has some problems in walking. Seem their legs were painful.
In the evening again a good dinner with a beer and even a drop of whiskey. Tomorrow travelling again on the way home to Scotland. Going to Lampunh first on a very bad road 1.5 hours then of to Jakarta and home to Aberdeen via Amsterdam and also Kuala Lumpur.

1/5/2013. Got up ok and had breakfast with all the new friend in Lampung. They will start some work with UGM. Plane from Lampung to Jakarta was late due to heavy rain. I was a bit afraid I could be late for the flight to Amsterdam from Jakarta. But another airline came in and was also going to Jakarta so we got on that instead so arrived in Jakarta in good time. I got a reasonable good ticket for both flight Jakarta to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Aberdeen.

2/5/2013. Arrived in Amsterdam at 6 and then of at 8.10 similar to 7.10 in Aberdeen so arrived at 8.40. Joan was there to collect me. So she seem happy with the stuff I got from Yakkum and Malioborough Street.