Amsterdam airport on the way to Kansas US. Had to get up very early at 4 am to get to the airport at 5. So far all ok. Had letters from Chris in Kansas about my programme. I am not sure if I can do a good job for them.

So much to write. I was met at Kansas airport by Chris but a long flight and 7 hour difference between Holland and Kansas so a 31 hour day. We had a meal together after we arrived at the airport at the Fairfield hotel in Manhattan just not far from Kansas city.
On Sunday went to church Evangelical church with Chris but we had to leave before the end of the service as Chris had arranged for me to come with Dr Barry to take me around the area and see a something called Flint museum not far from the hotel. So much to see and so many who wanted to be with me. Went to dinner with Chris and his wife and 2 other people. I can hardly remember their names but so much to talk about.

Yesterday was the big day for me in the morning meeting up with Chris again and other people. Then in the afternoon the first I had to give 4 lectures ! The first lecture was for many interested in agriculture but not specialists. I had prepared it and hoped it was ok. After a break I had to give 3 lectures about my research work, nylon bags, oesophageal grove and grain processing. There were many questions and I was congratulated. A guy called Bartley had died and put into his University account lot of money which they donated to invited former nutritionists to talk to them and I was choosen to be the best! Difficult to understand but had a wonderful welcome. Today been with Dr Tietgemeyer who together with Jim took me to a long trip to see Bison cattle never seen them before . They look a bit like buffaloes. I have recommended them to look for purine derivatives as they were growing on a low quality grass which buffaloes can cope with due to their recycling capacity.

Tonight another lovely meeting at 6pm where I could have dinner with many students who were at the meeting yesterday. Then they showed the film from China and Vietnam which went down very well for the 20 students who participated in the evening. They were allowed also to ask the questions about the lectures yesterday and about the films. At the end they all wanted to be photographed with me! as often happen. But here it was such an enjoyable event which I will never forget. Tomorrow morning up at 6 am and go to the airport on way home again. Hope I will get plane ok but this time it will be a short day not a long day will arrive back if all well at about 9 am.

Now in Detroit on way to Amsterdam. We got here a bit late due to bad weather thunder etc. But enough time here so no problem. Just got on the plane. Time opposite to when I came a very short day loosing 7 hours. Chris came to the hotel at 6.30 and we got to the airport in Kansas city at 8.30 and left Kansas at 1100 should have been at 10.15. Chris wants to come to Aberdeen next time he is on way to S. Africa. It has been a nice trip so far better than expected. My lectures seem to have gone down well. Joan was at the airport to take me back home. I was a bit tired but went to Westhill Rotary with banner from Manhatton club.