On way to Uganda, now on plane to Entebbe Uganda. We are stopping also in Tiscali in Rwanda. We are 5 people from the Institute including Jo Smith from the University who has now been appointed as a Trustee for the Orskov Foundation.

Arrived in Entebbe via Tiscali in Rwanda at about 11 and then got visa etc and arrived at hotel Makarene at 0100. Today has been a sort of holiday. Meeting most of the people involved for the meeting tomorrow. Have just come from a lovely dinner at an Indian Restaurant. We were 11 but represented at least 5 nationalities. Germany, Ethiopia, USA, UK. So tomorrow morning all go. The room is not very good, no freezer, no TV that work etc but weather is good about 30 ºC quite different from Scotland with -2when we left.

Had a very busy day with final meeting about the present project on biogas. The biogas units were set up for 9 small farmers and the equipment given free. Not a good idea only 5 seem to be operating. As I have said and written many times free gift never work only gifts with commitment. There were a lot of discussions about many things I asked some questions too. Tomorrow morning the final meeting of the AF project and in the afternoon we are going to see the small farmers who still use the biogas units . Kenneth from Cameroon who I met up with in Bamende in January is here and we have much to discuss. Have some problems with internet from my computer. Can not get into hotmail but ok for Hutton mail. We are going out to a restaurant at 8 pm now 7.30 pm. Had a lovely dinner again with the 12 people. A women from England married to an Ethiopian many years ago was participating. It was an Italian restaurant with some of the best Pizza I have ever had. Now of to bed.

This morning the results of the project were discussed. A bit boring nothing really interesting came out of it. The biogas systems were started far too late or about year ago which it should have started 2-3 years ago with use of strong plastic bags. 9 farmers were given the equipment for nothing but after a few months only 5 are still using it.
This afternoon of to see the project about 70 km from Kampala. The weather was not very good and also the road. We saw 2 of the projects or some were seeing 4. It was raining and I had not put on my jacket. Anyway we all had dinner in the guest house tonight. Had beef with rice and a beer! Very good. Tomorrow we have to discuss a new projects.

Many discussions at the meeting in the University about next year. The next meeting will probably be in Cameroon. Kenneth from Cameroon is here and he will talk about biogas in Cameroon tomorrow. He has bought a small farm and like to have a lake with fish connected to it but need some money to do it. So I have promised to send him some. Tonight we went to an Ethiopian restaurant with very special Ethiopian food. We were 11 people from the meeting who came by taxi. Tomorrow again to the meeting about new project for 3 years with Uganda, Cameroon and Ethiopia.

Now back in hotel MAKARERA. Today has been a bit boring may be I did not read enough about the objectives of the meeting. It was about future aspects. Seem the next meeting will be in Cameroon. Tonight we went to a Chinese restaurant 11 of us. It was a nice place and much of good food. We have another meeting in the morning and at night away to Entebbe airport leaving Uganda at 2330. Joan \kriss and Jasmine are going to York tomorrow. I will arrive if not too much snow at 9.45 in Leeds Bradford airport where Torben will collect me. There is a women from Ethiopia who came from England (Sue) who is a very interesting women. She came from England and married an Ethiopian long time ago. Her husband is in the Government of Ethiopia. She has a lot to tell us she has done many interesting things and travelled a lot. Many interesting people. Kenneth from Cameroon is still here. He is also leaving tomorrow. Must go to bed now tomorrow night on the plane to Amsterdam.