18/02/2013 - 24/02/2013

We had a nice day in HCM particularly in the market where I have been several times before. Got most of the shopping done Joan asked me to do but expect also to go to Hul market. Today has been a bit difficult. Got up 9 when Thanh came for me for breakfast. Then went to change some dollars to Vietnam Dollar and then dinner after that. We had 6 students who liked me to lecture to them in Thanh’s home. This lasted from 4 to 7 pm went nice and 8 we Thanh family and the 6 students went for dinner together and now back in the hotel. Tomorrow Hungvo again where I have been several times to see the ... and familier such a nice place. I am not sure what else tomorrow.

This morning after breakfast we went to Hvon Van to see the farmers there. It was a wonderful experience as expected. When we arrived with the 6 students from yesterday following us on motor bikes we had first something to eat then out to visit the farmers with the Mongkai pigs and native chickens etc. They also had biogas. Then they sit up for a lovely dinner and since in part it is still new year celebrations. I gave them an envelope to the village leader as a present to the group with 100 USD. Anyway they seemed very pleased and liked to reserve it for a trip to Scotland.
When we came back at about 3 pm we went to the market to buy a few things as I did before in HCM 2 days ago. Not very much I got the HCM market is better! So tomorrow to meet up with friend from Quangthree province to meet the group where we had our first Rotary project with small farmers and later also Orskov Foundation project. Thanh is a bit tired today. Hope she will be better tomorrow.

Unfortunately the trip to Quangtree was cancelled by Thanh. I do not know why but may be too difficult for her to drive. We went to see a bit on the beach on the sea side and also a few interesting things. Met up with a women from Sweden and had evening meal with her. She was one of the teachers for Thanh when she was a student in Sweden. She had come with a group from Scandinavia of which most were Danish she said. I took the opportunity to go the hotel where they stayed in the morning not far from my hotel and found many Danes from Jutland my home country. I wish I could have spent more time with them but had to go on the boat up at the Per fame river. The river that goes through HUE that I have seen many times. Even on the film we made from Vietnam by Landward. Then getting ready for going to Hanoi. Thanh wanted me to ring UK railways in London about Bong going to Wales from Paddington station. She was given 2 tickets and paid for 2 tickets so I was asked to give a ring them. I wish I did not try. Could not get the correct service and I had to go to the airport for Hanoi. Almost missed the plane. I was the last one on the bus to the plane at the airport! But at least I am in Hanoi now Dzung and his daughter were meeting me in the airport and took me to the city. I am now at Lucky hotel where I have stayed many many times in the past. Thanh may come tomorrow. Will leave again in 2 days for home.

Feb 24
Now in Paris airport on way back. In the morning of Feb 22 Dr LeViet Ly who also came to the opening of the Orskov Foundation and stayed with us came to meet me in Lucky hotel and took me to a lovely museum illustrating the first University of Vietnam in about 1200. It was so interesting to see. We had dinner together at the top of the very large hotel owned by his son where you could see very much of Hanoi city. Now the capital before that Hue. It was very nice to see him again. Then at mid day a bit of shopping then Thanh came a bit late but we all had a lovely dinner together with Dzung and his girl friend and Thanh from Hue(now boarding Thanh).