Now in Bangkok airport on the way to Cambodia where I have to attend the last meeting of the DFID Delphe project and also give some lectures to students as I did last year in March. It has been a bit slow to get here but the long waiting time in the airport was ok when the plane are late left Aberdeen 30 minutes late. I was afraid there would be too much snow. The weather forecast predicted that there will be no problem. The plane was late from Amsterdam to Aberdeen. I will go to Vietnam on 16th at night. Some problems as Thanh and her family were going to meet me but they are now going to Hue earlier. The Lounge here is very nice, good food etc. Will meet up with the group tonight I hope.

Arrived in Cambodia ok and a driver was waiting for me at the airport. I did not see Borin at all on that day. Had to got up early on 14 but the phone in the room was not working. So I did not get a call before somebody knocked on the door at 7.30 which was the time Borin would collect me after I had had my breakfast. Anyway he was on time so had to get dressed quickly and then away at 7.45.Anyway we had breakfast with somebody from the School of Agriculture where I was to give lectures all day. So all went well in the end. Went out for dinner in the end with Borin. It was a nice day for lectures. On the morning ie today there was no electricity in the lecture room in the morning. So we could not use our computer to show picture. So it was a boring morning. The people were talking mainly in Cambodian which I can not understand. The afternoon the electricity was on again so afternoon a bit better but not well organized. Borin has now got a business from which he is exporting Combodian rice to Europe. He is still involved with celagrid. So at 9.15 I was ok to get the plane to Ho Chi Minh city where I am now. Got my Vietnam visa ok and when I came out I found them waiting for me. So now in a hotel in HCM leaving tomorrow for Hue.