26/11/12. Now in Thailand Bangkok to attend the 15 AAAP meeting. I arrived at Guanzhoe from Amsterdam 3 hours late so missed the plane to Bangkok. Fortunately there was another plane 2 hours after that. Arrived in Bangkok and was received by staff of AAAP in the airport and arrived at the hotel booked for me but I also found a hotel was booked by the Indonesian group of 20 so went to that hotel called Miracle Grand Hotel. So today has been busy starting at the Kasssersart University with some entertainment then lectures the rest of the morning. I was the first in the afternoon to lecture to my group which was ok. I think so now I can be more relaxed. There was a welcome dinner tonight with much Thai entertainment since I have been here before they out of the blue asked me to come up for dancing a few minutes but like Ethiopia last wee! Anyway good food and a good atmosphere. So of to bed. My computer internet is not working.

28/11/ Time flies. Had a lovely day yesterday. Spent most of the time with the FAO group led by H Makkar who I also met in Egypt. Professionally very good and had an opportunity to participate in discussion.

In the evening we went on a shopping tour to a very large shop with about 7 floors. We also had evening meal. It was just the Indonesian group who went. We are about 20 at the hotel and called Miracle Grand. Today is a day where we will go out to visit different places. We have decided to go to a sort of zoo. Not sure whether it will be interesting but early start now it is only 5:15 and we leave hotel at 5:30 for the trip first to Kassersart and then go in different groups to different places. There must be almost 400 at the meeting of AAAP.

29/11. Yesterday morning very early we were of on a 2 hour bus trip to the world biggest farm producing crocodiles. There were also many monkeys and birds of many types and elephants. There was show of elephants in which the teachers of the elephants had taught them many things including painting by the long throat and then they were taught to go round and ask for money sticking out the long throat to the audience expecting some money! I had a short ride on one of them but interesting to see how much they had been trained to do many things. Even monkey were taught to somehow speak to you.

It is supposed to be the world largest crocodile farm. There were also shows which showed some training of crocodiles. They were taught to bite very fast but the trainer put his hand inside their big mouth they did not do anything! They were also serving crocodile meat for dinner. I had a little taste of it. It tasted a bit like chicken meat. In a shop I bought a crocodile egg. I did not remember they were egg layers but apparently they put the eggs into sand to maintain a steady temperature.
Today has been science again. I spent most of the time with the FAO group and discussed many issues and rural development and climates. In the evening was last party with so much singing and dancing. I was asked by young girls to dance with them. It was quite embarrassing. When the Indonesian group of 20 were asked to sing an Indonesian song on the stage I was asked to sing with them and after that the Vietnamese groups asked the same though I could not read a word of the verses written in Vietnamese but sang with them! It was nice evening. Unfortunately one of the Indonesian groups had to get home early as she was not feeling well so we went at 8:30 rather than 9 pm.

30/11. The last day of the meeting. Another nice day with interesting lectures. I was most of the time with the FAO groups but had to leave from the hotel at 5 and then back for the goodbye session. The last dinner for the Indonesian group was dinner at a shop with much to buy. I bought a few items of interest to sell. Took them back to the hotel to be ready for leaving next day back to Scotland.

1/12/12. We or the Indonesian group had early breakfast as the group had to go to the coast. I had to be collected at 9 am to go to the airport in Bangkok. There were some confusion; a taxi was booked for me by Indonesian group. A taxi arrived with a big paper with my name on it. I thought this was the taxi they booked but it was a taxi booked by the meeting for VIP’s. I was met at the airport by a group assisting the AAAP meeting. They helped me to get my tickets etc. But apparently another taxi booked by the group arrived 5 minutes after I left so they were a bit worried about what had happened! So now back in a cold and Icy Scotland. Joan was at the airport but there was snow on the road so different from Thailand where the temperature was about 30 °C.