17/11. Now at Heathrow on way to Addis Ababa Ethiopia. I seem not to have written anything since I came back from Egypt. The meeting in Addis Ababa is for ATPS. I was invited and a ticket sent to me. Have about 4 hour waiting time here came in by British Airways and now off to Ethiopia on Ethiopian Airlines. I never seen it existed. In this airport I had no access to a lounge unless I pay £35. There seem to be no Air France and KLM in this terminal.

20/11 Arrived in Addis Ababa ok. There was a car to take me to the hotel called DREAM LINER where I still am. On Sunday we arrived at 7:30 had a little rest and then had a little trip to the mountains and churches outside ADDIS ABABA. Never been there before though been to ADDIS ABABA many times. We had had so many meetings and some interesting ones. There seem to be no interactions? of assisting African in introducing GMO. Something that I do not like and made it known. Today other interesting meeting so many people know me and want to be photographed with me. Tonight after the meeting we went to a nice Ethiopian restaurant with lovely music and we were encouraged to dance which I of course did! Tomorrow one more meeting and then leave on Thursday. Kevin Urama and Abdul Razak are both here as they are Kevin is Seceratary and Abdul Razak is the Chairman of ATPS.

21/11. It has been a bit boring today the AGM took a long time and I could not really contribute very much. Had to renew my membership of ATPS which of course was nice . The card was already produced with my picture on it. I do not know where it came from ie my picture.

22/11. We had to get up early to go to ADDIS ABABA airport to get a plane to London with a stop in Rome. We were late in arriving in London so I was afraid I could not get in time to get the Aberdeen flight from London. Fortunately the Aberdeen flight was late too so got back to Aberdeen almost at the right time and Joan came to collect me.