Egypt November 2012. Egypt Alexandria. Left early Sunday morning at 6 am. Arrived in Paris at 9 and then to Cairo Egypt. I had to wait for about an hour in the airport before somebody collected me to go to Alexandria. About 4 hour drive. Monday was very nice at the meeting so many friends were there to meet up with me including Ahmed and Hussein. So many people wanted to be in a picture with me. Harrinder Makkar was there too. Today I had to give my speech on intra- gastric nutrition. The first speaker today is Mrs Kustantinah from Indonesia spoke about our work with goats but last night and tonight we had dinner at a restaurant called the shooting restaurant. Such a nice atmosphere along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria is a lovely city which we will see more of tomorrow as the meeting was finished today. I was given a lovely present for my contribution to the meeting. On Thursday morning of to Cairo again. And on Saturday of the Aberdeen very early. Have some problems with internet. I rang Joan she has received an estimate of the cost of repair of the wind mill.

I Went with the group out to see a large dairy farm 1 hour drive from Alexandria. Not very interesting. The cattle were kept under large blowing things and water to keep cool. They had on average 2.5 pregnancy and got semen from USA. We came back to Alexandria to see a museum with history from about 600-700 AD writing in Arabic. So many things to see but we could have done with more explanation. Then back to hotel and out to a Chinese restaurant and back. Tomorrow morning of the Cairo again and spend a couple of days there with Soliman and also visit the Pyramids. So many people wanted to be photoed with me not so easy to say no.

Paris airport on way back to Aberdeen. On the 8 of November we went back by car to Cairo together with Harrinder Makkar and his wife. The hotel where Hussein had booked us in was called Havana hotel seem a strange name for Cairo. Hussein contacted us and took us for a lovely dinner after which his driver and friend took us out to different areas of old Cairo and to visit to oldest Mosque in the world where one of Mohammad the Muslim man’s grandson tomb? was. So many things to see and many shops around the Mosque. Tin Tin was so proud of visiting the old mosque. Then back to the hotel and yesterday morning a car arrived to take us to the Egyptian museum. It is difficult to explain shortly so many things to see ranges from 3000 BC ie; about 5000 years ago. Not just 100 years as most of our museum are but 5000 years. This museum is in the area of Tahir Square where there were demonstration or some political demonstration then out to the Pyramids again. Kustantinah also came as well had never before seen such things. She was tried to ride on a camel. Hussein assured to pay for everything. When we came back he had organized a dinner in a fish restaurant almost to much to eat and then stopped at a shop to buy some shirts for me from Egypt! He seem to get as much as possible even presents for Joan. She also got presents bought at the mosque the day before. Had to leave very early this morning about 5 am to Cairo airport. Found there were little or no traffic we got to the airport 2 hours before take off. Anyway now in Paris and in one hour time of to Aberdeen.