23/10. Arrived in Cambodia had to get a plane from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and then from KL to Phnom Pehn. It is very warm here 35°C similar to Indonesia even a jacket was too warm to wear. Last night we had a party in Lampung 3 hours drive and a poor road where the feedlot is. But all the people we met wanted to go with us to Lampung 3 cars full. In the morning or this morning we had to go to airport in Lampung and get a plane to Jakarta. From where I was on a plane to go tonight via Kaula Lumpur in Malaysia to Phnom Pehn in Cambodia where I am now at the airport. Thanh from Vietnam wanted me to wait for now to go to the hotel now to where we are to meet. Then tomorrow go out on a bus to Kampot 3 hours drive from Phnom Pehn. It is very warm here and Indonesia 35 °C about even using a jacket is too warm.

Tonight we are all staying at a hotel Champ Elysees. We all had a good dinner together and tomorrow we are going to the University of Angkor Khemera for the meeting 24 to 26. It will be bus drive taken about 2.5 hours. So many people know me and know of my work. I suppose I must be happy about that.

24/10. Had a busy day in Kampot with meeting all the time. Had good food etc. The rooms here are ok but no phones not used to that! Tomorrow we are going on a trip to see farmers and their problems. We were driving a long way or 3 hours from Phnom Pehn to Kampat. Samnang want me to lecture to his students tomorrow evening. Computer not easy to work here. The whole team is here now 4 from China, 1 from Vietnam Thanh, 1 UK me, 1 Kampung, Cellagrid 2 and the other team, Anne Pearson, Samnang and 5 more. Delphe programmes are coming to an end. My last visit for Delphe what a pity?

27/10. Now in Phnom Pehn airport on way back to Aberdeen.. The last 2 days in Kampot were very exciting on 25/10 we went into the farming areas and spoke to the farmers. They have strong communities working together. They were growing rice and many other things. Small plots for each farmer. At the evening we had a final meeting to discuss what is next. Our project will finish at the end of March. Seem as if we will have another meeting at end of March in Cambodia. Yesterday morning I had to give lectures at the University in Kampot and after that a long drive or 3-4 hours from Kampot to Phnom Penh. This morning we went to the Russian market and bought a few things as I normally do. A huge market. Samnangs grand mother is still working there. I actually found that she was not really his grandmother but the sister of his grandmother. She sold a few things to us. We then took Thanh from Vietnam to the airport. Had lunch with Samnang and then back to the airport. I thought I could use the lounge but I am travelling with Malaysian Airways so I could not.
Has it been a worthwhile trip? Yes Cambodia is an interesting country but still not very stable but better than the period of Khamer Rouge when thousands of people were killed particularly if they were educated. Samnang father and grandfather were both killed. The trip to Indonesia was nice as usual but expected more from the trip to Lampung in Sumatra.