16/10. Now in Yogyakarta arrived this evening about 9:30. TT came to collect me at the airport. It has not been a good trip. When I got to the airport the plane was going to be a few minutes late but we had only 50 minutes to change plane in Amsterdam. With some good advice I actually ran to get to the plane for Jakarta. I got there but my luggage did not. I hope it did but not expect. Arrived in Jakarta got visa and went to the luggage from Amsterdam but there was a large sign to tell me that my luggage would arrive tomorrow! So it has been a bit worrying. Also I forgot to get the paper I need for Cambodia next week.

19/10. The luggage arrived Wednesday and we collected it in the airport in Yogya where it was sent to. Make me feel easier but I feel KLM should pay me a bit for the inconvenience which was not my fault. Lectured for 3 days now but very enjoyable. First day Postgraduate, Friday undergraduates and today Postgraduates in the morning and afternoon. I enjoyed to give the lecture I hope they did so!

This morning there was a Gadjah Mada University jubilee which they celebrate once a year. People come with a shirt telling that this was a 63 jubilee time GMU started. After formally speaking we were asked to do a sort of gymnastic or copy those up top. Nice but strange also. 2 sets of balloons were set up in the air. Sometime they go long distances each balloon has some meaning. The first night Ali Agus now Dean arranged a dinner for us which was very nice. So nice to be here. I am not going to Yakkum this time but tonight we go to Malioborough street to get bags for Joan to sell.

23/10. I am going to leave Indonesia for Cambodia. It was a very busy time in Yogya. We got some bags etc for Joan but not many. I had dinner at Liang hotel in the city on Malioborough street. Lectured both Thursday and Friday and then visit to the project sites in Wonologi and also in Merapi where the goats are doing well and producing milk for sale. Instead of pasteurizing they have been given a freezer from VGM where they freeze the milk in small plastic bags containing 1 litre of milk which can be transported and sold like that even at VGM. Spent night for dinner at my favourite place at Prembanan where the good food is cheap and the environment lovely or the best outside. Ramayana show was going as at the same time. Then Sunday morning of to go Lampung in Sumatra. This is a place where they have a sort of feed lot with thousands of cattle. They bought thousands in from Australia to fatten them for three months. Very strange I had lot of discussion with the people in charge Malinda a girl and Alex a very clever guy who was with us all the time. Tin Tin came with me to terminal 2 to get the plane to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived very early in Jakarta or about 7 am and had a meeting with three more members of the company who own the feed lot. They like me to come back next March to talk to the younger members about ruminant nutrition and the principles. For instance they were given no protein to the cattle in early lactation which must be tested soon if correct.