19/9/12. Now in Vienna arrived last night. Came too late to Paris to get the scheduled flight but got the next 1.5 hour later. Had to go to a welcome dinner here but too late and the hotel did not know where it was. So had a lonesome dinner in the hotel.

Today I gave my talk 8 minutes but seem to go down well about how to increase food production on a world scale. Tomorrow I can feel a bit more relaxed! Meeting many people who praise of me and tell me they met before but I can not remember. Maria Garcia who I met and travelled with to Latin America to 4 countries in 1992 visiting Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Peru. I printed out the page in my travel dairy when we visited his home country Peru. I said many more things about him Which I think he liked.

22/9. Yesterday was more relaxing. I had not to make speeches again. Met many people from different countries. Many came to tell me that my contribution yesterday was the best! of them all. A few of us went out together for a meal last night with a Maria Garcia and Gerrit who seem to be the boss in the groups or he was the person who sent me an official invitation. Not sure if I should go to the Centre of Vienna today but have decided not to and go directly to the airport. I asked Joan if she could think of something I should buy but not so. Has the meeting have been worthwhile for me? Difficult to tell. I hope I gave some contribution which was ok or so they told me! Soon after to the airport.