Now in Denmark Ringkobing staying with Jorgen for a couple of days. Elly is having the celebration for the golden wedding on Friday.

8/9/ Saturday
Last Tuesday we came in I went to that Rotary club I was invited to come but that is at least 1 hour drive from Ringkobing. I had contact with the president Mr Gaade. It was an interesting meeting I gave them bottle of Glenfiddick which I brought. I had to officially to give it to them on an official present from Westhill Rotary. When I left a person came up and asked if my name was Egil I had been introduced as Bob. When I said yes I am Egil he said ok then I know you I am married with Penilla Ellys of Jens Jorgens daughter. So we will see each other again on Friday at Elly and Jens Jorgens golden wedding. I must have seen him before but did not recognise him. We did indeed see each other on the Friday and had a lovely talk. On the Wednesday we went to see Grethe and Jens in Ikast and then went to see Krista in Bording them back to Ikast to Genbrugs sale. Krista starting to forget many things. Hope I would not copy her. Then back to Ringkobing. On the Thursday we went to see Anny Orskov Verners wife before he died and then went to Holstebro to see Ingrid and Jens Erik and also went to the Genbrugs butik where Ingrid work some times and also to other similar shops Red Cross was one of them as a charity to see stuff given to the shop to support Red Cross from their sales. Joan bought quite a few things but not very costly.

The big day was Yesterday. Elly and Jens Jorgens golden wedding. In the morning we did some shopping in RingKobing but then set out for the celebration in the afternoon in Skarrild at a wonderful place now called Skarrildhus out in the country side with lovely trees and gardens. It was also a hotel so we stayed there last night. It was a wonderful celebration very relaxed and meet up with Flemming I met at Rotary and all of my family except Paul Erik were there. Good food and even dancing from 10 to 12. After breakfast back to RingKobing with Jorgens. Today we went to Hvide Sande the coast city and also went to Sonderug a tourist village near by . It really was a wonderful golden wedding Joan enjoyed it too. I was dancing with her at the dancing time. If we have a golden wedding hope it will be as good!
The car we hired in Esbeirg as we came is a new car so nice to drive. Tomorrow we are going to Viborg for see a few things there, stay there for tonight and then next day to Kolding where we will meet Ruth. Then Esbjerg on Tuesday and back to Scotland.

16/9 The trip to Viborg was very nice. We also stopped at Konghstit where there are many memory stones for the many people who made the heathland into agricultural land. It took me some time but did not see at first how the stone were arranged but it was geographically starting from North justland to South. Eventually found my grandfathers name on a stone from Timring Jeppe Poulsen Little Riis. Timring was written as a stone. Very nice to see them he was a pioneer. Then we went to the cathedral in Viborg also nice. We found a hotel at the outskirt of Viborg. We met by accident a very nice couple in a restaurant who lived close to the Parking place and invited us for coffee. Then showed us or led us to the road for the hotel. Got her name and email but lost it but they got my card. Then next day to Kolding via Vejle to see Ruth and also Koldinghus. For some reason I never seen Koldinghus one of the best museums I have seen and with so much of Danish history. We had a couple of meals with Ruth and her new partner Preben. We had our dinner at night in an Italian restaurant asking for a good pizza. The pizza was big too big to eat so we got half of it with us back to Scotland that was enough for another dinner for the same price. We asked Paul Erik now back in Esbjerg for a few month with his Thai girl. Elly asked him not to come to the golden wedding as he would likely to get most attention. She did not speak much English or Danish but a lovely girl. She has three children in Thailand. No idea where her husband is. But he likes her very much. Arrived back ok. Joan has gone to Derby to an art exhibition with Trevor. Now she will be back tomorrow night but I am going to a meeting in Vienna tomorrow coming back Thursday 20 September. Hope it will be a good meeting.