3.7.12. Now on way to Jakarta. Have to stay in a hotel in Bogor. Then go to Malang for 2 days then to Yogya for 3 days and then back to Scotland. Maegaard and family will leave on Thursday.

5/7/12. Bogor hotel. Came yesterday night to Jakarta. In spite of rain and fog the KLM plane took off in time. Went to lecture all day tomorrow my turn. I am not too happy about my lecture preparation but will do so my best. Now bed time 12 O’clock up 5.45 AM.

7/7/12. Yesterday was a very busy day. I gave my paper in the morning which was ok I think. We had a very nice gift afterwards certificate etc. Then dinner at night before we went to Bogor to sleep. Very nice hotel, very nice people everywhere met so many I met before so many people want to be photographed with me quite embarrassing. So now at 7 AM I am preparing to go to the airport in Jakarta and to take a little trip to Malang for the weekend then Yogya Monday midday. It is so nice to be here. Joan has fallen from a chair and hurt her head hope not bad. I do not know exactly what happened. Had an email about it last night. Dewi the leader girl here is not here today.

Later. Now in Jakarta airport waiting for the plane to Malang which is later having changed for 10.30 to 1.35. But to travel to the airport from Bogor took much less time than was predicted no traffic jam. We thought 3 hours but it only took 1.5 hours. Had a long chat with the 2 students who took me to the airport. They are in their last year and ready for a job. Will meet up with many friends in Malang. We will go to the project area tonight. On Monday off to Yogya and then Thursday back again. Weather is lovely as usual. The meeting in Bogor was so nice met up with people from Iran, Japan and many other places.

10/7/12. Got to Malang ok and was collected in the airport. First time I was at Malang airport. We had a good time with friends of Trianti and family. Then Monday or Yesterday morning of by car to Surabaya for the plane to Yogya. Where I was met by Tin Tin’s secretary as she was at a meeting. Then out for lunch and met many old friends. In the afternoon went shopping in Malioborough my favourite shopping street and bought a few shirts hats etc along with Tin Tin. Then to a Massage centre for 90 minutes of massage all over the body. It was a nice experience and good for my health I hope. Today working in my office here and spent a little time in Yakkum but mainly to settle a depth from last time I was here due to some problems with dollars I gave her. Then afternoon we are going to visit some of the village projects with goats and then going to have dinner at Prembanan the best place in the world for dinner as I have said many times. Tomorrow afternoon on way again to Scotland which Joan tells me still wet and cold. Strange climate this year. May be we should buy a house here.

11/7/12. The visit to village on Merapi slope where they have many lactating goats funded by Orskov Foundation and Rotary West hill. It seem to be working well. Price of goat milk 15000 rp/litre, price of cattle milk 3000 rp/litre. We had a long meeting with the farmers where many many problems were discussed. I had an opportunity to speak to them about technical issues. There are farmers with cattle selling milk art 3000rp/litre so I suggested may be they should buy milk from them to feed to goat kids by bottle and sell all the goat milk! Seem sad for both mother goats and kids. The dinner at Prembanan was excellent as usual. Lovley weather and good food. Total price for 2 was about 10 USD about 100.000rp. Such a lovely place. Then stayed at Tin Tin house as all the hotels were full up as many people from west like to come for holiday in Indonesia. This morning we went to Wonolagi where we have the bridge. All well it seemed but number of goats on the farms not so many. Where they had enough goats they turned the money they got into a village bank systems which seems to be ok but not so much time for discussions. Then we went to the primary school where we have often supported but children were on school holiday but teachers were there. Seems there is a total of 15 children attending the primary school but 5 teachers. Seem a lot of teachers per child. After that had to go to the plane to Jakarta and then to Aberdeen.

12/7/12. Now at Amsterdam airport. Nice flight from Jakarta via Kuala Lumpur. The KLM lounge in Kaula Lumpur has changed and I could not find it. Sat beside and African women from Nigeria who work with her husband a French Man in KL. She is very keen to get in touch with Orskov Foundation. She bought my book Trials and Trials which I was reading I took with me from Indonesia. She was so touched by my work and being a strict Christian she said a prayer for me. When we came to Amsterdam airport there was thunder and lightning and everything was stopped so we had to wait at the landing ground for about 1 hour before we could come to the gate. Never had that before.