20/4/12. Now in Indonesia Yogyakarta Puri Artha long travel started yesterday at 17:20 from Aberdeen then Kula Lumpur then Jakarta and now Yogya. Tin Tin came to meet me and had a small bite to eat before we got here. Have email problems but may be soluble. Tin Tin will come to collect me at 9:30 to go to University for planning next week. Dewanti has come from Lambok I think but did not got her on the phone yet. Nice to be here again. Temperature about 30 in Scotland about 8!.

22/4/12 Sunday I am still in Puri Artha waiting for Bu Yuni to collect me. We are going to visit some places I am not sure where and at 4 o’clock we will go to a family meeting in Tin Tin family home. Then to a gammalang session tonight Dewanti from Lambok was here this morning. She is visiting her sons who are studying here. I am preparing for lectures all week until Thursday then away for a couple of days to a different area.

23/4/12. The session yesterday with Bu Juni was very nice. We first went to the shopping Centre at Malioborough and had some food then to the big shop to buy things for selling. Joan told me to get some bags some hats and whisles. We got it all, then to the family meeting of Tin Tin. A very muslim meeting with 30 minutes of prayer. It was led by a sort of Muslim priest. At 5 we went to the gammalang session where By Juni was playing. Then back for something to eat a good duck food. Today my 2 hour lecture went ok, then I went with Bu Juni to Yakkum to buy things from the handicapped people. There met up with Ali Wibowo who has a health problem with his legs. Their house is very close to Yakkum and also close to Merapi. They had to be evacuated during the last eruption of Merapi. Had a 2 hour massage session tonight. Very good. Now I have to prepare for lectures on Wednesday.

24/4/12 Had a busy day though not lecturing but preparing for my lectures tomorrow both morning and afternoon. Hope all will go well. At night again to gammalang music at city centre. Had emails from Redimio from Cuba. He wants my CV so he can recommend me for a trip to Cuba. I had a very short one on my small computer but probably not enough. Also email from Sadullah who looks for help. He says he has 6 hrs per day when he is looking for something to do! Had dinner with Bu Lies and friends in a new but lovely hotel with good food and excellent environment. Tin Tin will come tomorrow.

26/4/12. Now in Monosera. I lectured in the morning today and yesterday both morning and afternoon. I think all of it went down well. I had to speak about rewards for scientists publication in international journals rather than rewards to supporting farmers in the local area. Tin Tin is here as well. This area of Indonesia is very hilly 3000 metres up.

28/4/12. Now on way back. I am writing the KLM plane taking me to Amsterdam from Jakarta. Last night we came back from Dieng Plateau. Never seen so much. This is very high up. The soil is good. Small farmers were growing potatoes, Tobacco plants and tea and many other plant. Not Tropical. It was cold and foggy but so much to see. In some areas steam coming up. The water in small lakes were boiling. In other parts just steam but if you felt the small drops of water in the soil it was very hot! The village was generating electricity from the flow of boiling water. Then also Temples built 100 years ago. Hindu temples the Centre of Dieng plateau. A different culture of people. We went to a theatre where they showed in a 30 mm film the area. Tea was grown also by large companies. They should use it as tourist attractions. They also grow peas like we have. It was like temperate zone but farmer were selling potatoes never seen in Indonesia.

Plane is moving now first stop is Jakarta then Kauala Lumpur.
Have sent email to Joan but no reply. She has now received the materials for IKEA to make a new kitchen.

I have been reading my book published in Indonesia (Trials and Trials) and actually enjoyed reading it, although I wrote it 10 years ago. I think on the whole I was right in my conclusions.