15/3/12. Now on way to Nanning. I am writing on the plane forgot or lost my pen! Had a nice day yesterday and in the evening had dinner with Reg Preston and Borin. This morning I also went to the office of Cell Agrid then a taxi to the airport. Unfortunately the plane was 2 hour late. Have sent email to Huang Yi to tell her I am late. Seem foggy in the place the plane came from. So now China for 2 days then home. My stomach give me some problem not diarrhoea but the opposite!

17/3/12. Already on way back from China airport Guangzhoe. As I mentioned 15/3 plane was late but I arrived in Nanning airport and met by Huang Yi and an MSc student. Back to Nanning took a long time with traffic jam. Then we got the hotel I was booked in for and then out for a lovely dinner with Yi and 6 more Post graduate students. Morning 16 came to the University and was introduced to 20 Post Graduate and lectured both morning and afternoon to them. It was very nice student and were inspired or so they said asked many question about my lectures. At the end we went out for dinner with a few student and Wang and his wife. I gave his wife the gift medicine I bought at Boots stores in Aberdeen. At night we went out with Yi and Liu to a night market. All so cheap difficult not to buy some thing. Then to bed late and in the morning visited a type of supermarket but where each part of small shop were owned by individuals. Then back to hotel with lovely fried duck etc. Then out to the English corner where I have been many times before to speak to students who likes to practice their English. Some of them were there I had lectured to. Today dinner with Wang and his wife and some students and then to the airport at about 6 pm we arrived about 7 pm. Then booked in to Guangzhoe where I am now on the plane but my luggage was lost. I had to book in with Air France in Guagzhoe eventually I got my luggage it had got lost some where. I had to run to the international airport and eventually found the place but to get the ticket I was the last to come so they upgraded me to first class but there had to go through security check. I jumped the queue then through passport control I again jumped the queue and eventually reach the plane where I am now ready to start for Paris. The seat is excellent. So there we go again but such a lovely time in China too short only 2 days.