10/3/12. Now in Cambodia. Left Vietnam yesterday. Had some problems to get here. The plane to HCM from Hui was late but managed to get the next plane to Phomn Pehn in time. And was met by Sunsesei from Kampong Cham which is where I am now. I have lectured for 6 hours today to a group of students last year BSc students. Many Christians etc? The Company is good and very friendly and the food is good and shared by many Cambodians I have not met before. Tomorrow back to Phomn Pehn again by car. I should be staying here a little bit longer I think. Hear rains outside! Now to bed. In Huong Van we had a lovely time meeting many people I knew long ago. Malcolm Bruce visited them too. They seemed so pleased that I came . They are better off now so I have taken the childrens clothes with me to Cambodia.

13/3/12. Arrived back in Punom Penh on Sunday evening. I met up with Samnang and went with him to the so called Russian market where I have been many times before. Samnangs grandmother was there in a little shop as she was before years ago. Went to his home to meet up with her wife and children and then we went out for dinner together. He insisted to pay . In Morning Borin came to collect me to go to the agricultural Institute where I was lecturing 6 hours both yesterday and today. Last night after dinner we went to a Kariok centre with Borin ... with some girls for dancing went back after 12. There were 150 students last year BSc students and it was most enjoyable. Students asked many questions. I left my book for the library and the China/Vietnam film. I showed both films. At the end all students almost liked to be photographed with me both alone and in large groups. Tomorrow have to go Cell Agrid the company that Reg Preston started and he is possibly back from Colombia and I will meet up with him tomorrow night. Then day after tomorrow of to China. It is nice here I think I taught the students of few things or so they said. To bed early tonight as yesterday was very late.