4/12/11. Amsterdam airport on way to Indonesia. It has been an unusual week. On Wednesday official strike but a meeting of Orskov Foundation had been arranged so we had to have the meeting in the University what came out of that. We need to send some more applications to the other trustees like Maggie Gill and now the new Director Dr Gordon. Otherwise a good and friendly meeting. In the trip I have to go to Malang first and give lecture at Brawijaya University.

8/12/11 Yogyakarta
Arrived in good time in Jakarta and changed my ticket to Surabaya to an earlier one. Phoned Trianti who came up with a driver to collect me. My eastern flight was 40 min late but at least we arrived in Malang before mid night. Next day lecturing all morning and part of afternoon then after dinner went to the Brawijaya singing group singing from 6 to midnight! Good singers lovely humour. I was singing too some time together with others and some time myself. I was also singing my favourite solo song in babasa Indonesia. Yesterday went to the research farm and then to a dairy cooperative farm with 130 small farmers living in the colder mountain region of East Java where even Frisiean do not pant! Have no problems. I asked many question but so did the group of student who came with us. Then after meal off to Surabaya to catch a plane to Yogya. Arrived a bit late was met by Bu Lies and Tin Tin and Ali Agus wife. Today was lecturing all morning to excellent students. Also saw then doing very excellent lab work on finding or examining ruminant stomachs and intestines from slaughter. Afternoon went to see the new Rotary club project which will be officially opened on Saturday. I will have to speak for a few minutes. Tomorrow lecturing again. I like it here I always did. Tonight went to Pembanan for dinner. The best in the world good cheap food and a wonderful environment in front of the Hindu Temple in Prembanan.

Time flies. On Friday lecturing again to students. Very good students and in the afternoon got a car to take to Yakkum. The place where handicapped people make so much which we can sell. The girl running the shop know me well and was so happy we came. I brought with me Tin Tin secretary. I brought for more than 100 dollars of many items. Joan had some marked some pictures in their last catalogues. Also got some handbags. In the evening Dewanti from Lombok visited me.

Saturday opening of the new goat project in Tugo on the slope of Merapi. It was a wonderful experience again. First speaker was head of groups, next was head of village, nest head of Advisory Services then I had to formally donate goats big lactating goat to the village head. As before I took the goat in my arms and delivered it. Unexpected I had then to give a speech which of course was translated. It was a very enjoyable experience. After that music and traditional dancing by man made horses fighting with each other. This went for at least 2 hours. After that back to the lab but since it was Saturday the Prembanan Ramayana show was going so we went there again for dinner in the lovely environment where it is. Today Sunday was collected by Tin Tin to go to the lab to read something with her. Then meet up with my young friend her sister daughter and then to do some shopping in my favourite shopping street Malioborough where Joan asked me to buy some bags, some hats and some coconut spoon. I got it all. Just as usual I brought some children’s clothes to the new project which gave a bit of extra space in my bags. So tomorrow lecturing again. Tonight I was invited for dinner with Ali Agus Bu Lies etc and members of the ANI committee. Good food good company.

14/12/11. Jakarta airport on way home. Sunday was also a lovely day. We did a bit of work in the office then again meet up with a group. We all shared dinner again. Monday lecturing all morning. In the afternoon Bu Yuni took me to see her OF project with lactating goats. Seem to go very well out there. They are making some money mixing goat manure with bought in cattle manure. And some sawdust to make a dry compost to sell in small bag. Heavy rains while we were there. Tuesday was the big celebration of the retirement of Har Hartard and Ali Wibowo. We had been friends for many years. I had to give a talk about future agriculture for small farmers a topic I choose. It seem to go down ok. Then again in the evening a party with the people attending the meeting. I have stayed all time in a University hotel called Wisma MM.
Today I have also lectured to MSc students on topic of protein Nylon bags etc. They seemed to like it and wanted to be photographed with me after. Then the afternoon I went with Tin Tin to Jakarta so here I am waiting for a plane on Malaysia airways. Had to change my ticket as they wanted me to stay for 2 days longer and since that time I have used airmiles I could not go back with KLM.

The time in Yogya has been very busy and exciting so much to do and they seem to like it. Have some pictures from the opening of the Rotary Project with goats to show Rotary. It has been warm and also rain. Scotland seems to have had strong wind but it seem the photovoltaic system on the roof of the byre is doing well.