Now at Beijing airport on the way to Langzhu to see Rui Long. Had to go from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3. Terminal 3 is very large mainly for domestic flight. Not so easy. As soon as I got there a girl came to ask if I needed some help. I asked her a few questions after which she replied me to get the boarding pass. I thought it was service but at the end she wanted 100 Yuan! for her help. So that is Chinese when I first came to Beijing many years ago the airport was very small. Now I think 1o times bigger. China is certainly growing. I am not quite sure who will collect me at Langhae airport as Long is not in today but no doubt all will be well. Very proud of what he is doing as he was my former student.

Staying in University Hotel. A bit confusing room. Long is in Ahangon but coming back tonight. Room a bit cold. I need to learn a bit more Chinese. Today I will have 5 Post doc students. They are supposed to tell me about their work and I should tell them about my work.

Yesterday I was lecturing a group of young Post Grad. It was a very nice experience. Their English was not so good so had to speak slowly. They also came to have dinner with me such a nice experience. Today has not been so interesting. Saturday is a free day for students so was helping Long with an article and had dinner alone long time since I had dinner alone. Tomorrow it is going to be a tourist and then I have to go for dinner in the home of Long. Spoke to Chen on the phone about what will be there on Monday. I also spoke to Joan on the phone and Tin Tin about travel to Indonesia next months. So 10 o’clock tomorrow one of the students will come and collect me.

Now in Langzho airport on the way to Guangzho where I will meet up with Chen. The airport is quite far from Langzhu city about 1 hour at least by bus. Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday. The girls collected me at 10 then there we went to a new museum. Fantastic museum with so many things but mainly things found like dinosaurs from many thousands of years ago. It was mainly built place but so much I never seen before. Then went to the yellow river with an old bridge built by German 100 years ago. Many new temples have been built. In fact it was a bit late before we came back to have dinner in my hotel with the 2 girls. Then Long came and took me to his home together with a Dr from Pakistan who lives in Nepal and studying for a few weeks with Long. We had a nice time with him and his wife. Both of them were with me in 1991 together with their young daughter who is now doing MSc in USA. We went out for dinner and had a good dinner with red wine first time I had red wine in China!

I was going to give a lecture but not enough time this morning as we had to meet the airport bus at 10. Both Long and the Pakistani Professor took me to the bus. Quite a long walk from the University of Langzho. Now boarding time soon!

Arrived in Guangzho on time but it was slow to get the luggage out. Chen was waiting outside ok and Thanh came a bit later from Hanoi. We went to our hotel and had after that a lovely afternoon ending up with a lovely dinner in a nice restaurant with Olga and their young son Anthony. After that we had foot massage with Chen in our hotel lasting fro 2 hours. Now this morning Chen collected us and we went to visit Olga then out to buy some tea for Joan and got it in fact Olga paid for it!
Then in the afternoon we went to the Computer city part of Gungzho. Never seen anything like it such a large part only with computer and electronic devices. I bought a new mobile hope I can make it work . It cost about £200 or $300 or 180 Yuan. Then after all that had Thai dinner at city centre with Chen and finally again massage for 1 hour and then back. Fantastic couple of days in Guangzho city that is growing fast and very modern many cars. China is changing a lot but hope for the better. Chen is doing well same in Langzho. Spoke to Long on my new phone.

Now on plane on the way to Nanning to the Delphe meeting. Yesterday again was a fantastic day. Chen came to collect us and first to the city market or several of them was Jade street but far too expensive. However many things were cheap. I could not stop buying it so my case is full of things I did not expect to buy in China such as a new pair of trouser for 10$. In order to get to the city Central we travelled underground never seen such an efficient system but then Guanzho underground is only about 10 years old certainly efficient and fast. The nicest trip was in a night boat for an hour going up the Pearl River from 8.15 to 9.15 PM. It was dark but all the boats passing were light. The bridges passed were so nice so much as has changed look like one of the very richest cities in the world. Got a few pictures taken. We also went to visit a place called Chen’s house a fantastic museum again with many things from China’s past. Here unlike the Langzho museum it was all human made. They sold many things got a nice play horn for one of the kids. On the whole a lovely day to remember. Chen made the best of it. For the first two days in Guangzho we had foot and body massage at the end 2 hour the first evening in then hotel and I had the second evening. Last night we did not think it was offered. Much more to read etc after that. This morning Chen came to collect us for breakfast as the hotel breakfast was not good at all. Then by underground for 70 minutes to get to the airport from where we now on way to Nanning. Huang Yi will come to meet us. The days in Guangzhu were nice. Chen is now doing good business and like to extend it to Vietnam. It is about feed additives to increase appetite using flavours. Not quite sure what it is but he is working for food companies one in Guangzho and one in Beijing.

Arrived 29 afternoons and met by Huang Yi at the airport and taken to the University Hotel in Nanning. Such a nice place. We met up with Wang Schiang and had a lovely dinner together with the Cambodians and Vietnamese. Yesterday we went to see 2 farms. One where there were buffaloes and some Friesian cattle. Found that buffalo milk could be sold for 3 times the price of cattle milk. Holsteins were producing milk for two buffalo calves. Nice to see something different like Holstein producing milk for goat kids in Indonesia. Now when we were there we saw a pig farm and poultry farm. The pigs were kept on 1 m of sawdust which could be bedding for 2 years. I told them to feed the bedding to ruminants or at least try! We had lovely mid day meal and dinner at night with Jamain people. Today we were travelling far to see the goat project in Duba a county where I had been before. Again lovely dinner and to go to evening market. So much more to see.

Ready for sleeping travelling tomorrow early to 6.30 PM here. 2 days of very nice experience yesterday of our final meeting. Seem I may be able to go to China, Vietnam and Cambodia next year Feb may be. Afternoon and evening shopping so much to see. My bag is full of stuff. Tonight more presents both from Wang Schiang and from Huang Yi. Then afternoon at the English corner what is in Nanning a place where only English can be spoken! Had 6 students a lovely group so much they want to know about my travel etc.
There is so much stuff in the market. My case is so full should have brought a bigger one. Tonight as for last night invited to a lovely dinner with friend Wang Schiang etc was but food was so good. It has been a lovely 4 days here. Then in the morning I went to the airport with them all from Vietnam and Cambodia to say good bye. So now to sleep!