Now in Amsterdam airport on way to Jakarta and Yogya. This time Vietnamese and Cambodian are coming to our goat projects in Yogya. There I have to give some lectures and then attend a meeting in Bandung. Hope it will be OK. My trip this time is paid by the Vietnam Delphe project.

Now in Indonesia. Arrived a bit late but managed to get the plane to Yogya as the staff permitted me to be the first of the plane. So Yesterday we were planning for the visit of 5 Vietnamese and 1 Cambodian. In the evening the Yogya local government was having a lovely exhibition with dancing etc. I had a laptop with me to Dewanti and she came and collected in the evening. Today started with a meeting with staff here and I have encouraged them to collaborate in the future. They seem to go down very well. In fact even tonight they were working on an MOU between NIAS and Vietnam. We went to see a very successful Orskov Foundation (OF) goat project there to see processing of goat milk into powder with chocolate and sweet. Milk chocolate and sweet for children I have bought quite a few. They start with 3 litres of milk and let it evaporate under heat then add sugar and other things until it is all dry so you can make liquid milk containing chocolate etc. There were 9 women sitting with a bowl milk and the 3 litre milk and drying it. Labour consuming but labour is not a problem. So labour saving device is not a problem.

Today like Yesterday was very nice. The Vietnamese groups were very happy. This morning to see all that is going on Gadjahmada University farm Biogas etc. Very useful for us all to see Biogas under pressure used for driving a car for 30 minutes. Then we went out to see one of our first OF project. It was so nice. There were 60 people mainly women who is running project starting 3 years ago when Grant Davidson came with me. 56 goats now increased to 400 also membership from 28 to 60 so all well goats etc. They were so happy to see us all. First time they had visitors from other countries eg Vietnam and Cambodia. I told them we are very very proud of what they had accomplished and will tell others about it.

Yesterday last day of the Vietnam visitors was very nice. First we visited a businessman keeping dairy goats. His system was to sell the kids after 3 days and sell them for rearing to farmer producing on milk from dairy cattle. He then milked the goats until they gave less than 600 ml/day sometimes up to 1 year. These goat milk was sold for about 8 to 10 times more than cattle milk. So no wonder it was economically better to sell goat milk and have them reared on cattle milk. The pregnant goat was then kept by small farmers at a price until they give birth again. Good business!
Then we went to see the new Orskov Foundation project where they were almost finished with building the house for the goats. I also brought some childrens clothes as I did the day before. We then went to Merapi to see the result of the last eruption. Then back to shopping in Nalioborough for a couple of hours and then last night we made trip to Prembanan and had dinner at my favourite place.
Today has been less interesting but had to do some office work to prepare for lectures on Monday and Tuesday.

This morning we went to an Etawah goat market about 100 km from here in a village high up in the mountain. Never seen a market like this. Farmers come with their goats but give them to middle man to sell. No auction. So the farmers tell the middle man a how much he aspect for the goat. The dealer will find may be can not get that then go back to the farmers to tell him. He may sell for more than the farmer expected but then he keep the rest and get about 40.00 RP to sell it. Anyway we bought 40.00 Rupiah.
9 of our OF project selected is just beginning the house for 1 group of 3 is ready. Each can house 12 goats and there are 14 members. It was new experience again. Then back and had some massage in a massage centre. We had dinner with Bu Amber who also came to the meeting in Ethiopia. Tomorrow going with Ba Yuni to a music centre.

7/7/11 Time flies again
The music centre in the Sultan’s palace was quite good. Also went shopping and bought many things to take back. Monday and Tuesday lecturing to a group of post grad. It was very nice. I met them Tuesday afternoon on the way to Bandung to the ANIN meeting I was invited to. One sad event. I left my bag into my office for a few minutes with the door open and this caused a loss of 1400 dollars stolen. Can not understanding how it came about.
Tuesday at 6 PM after we return to Bandung by car. Long borring trip it took almost 11 hours to go almost 400 KM. Came to bed about 5 AM and then up to 7.30 to go the meeting where I was one of the high rated invited speakers. Roads were awful most of the way. So yesterday meeting started.
There were 4 invited speakers one from Germany, one from Singapore, one from Malaysia and one me from Scotland. It was another nice example. They seemed to like what I had to say. Many as of ten people wanted to be photographed with me. Difficult to say no. The meeting continued with progress in the afternoon but 1 group wanted me to go with them to see an old Volcanic mountain outside of Bandung instead of listening to papers. I unofficially agreed quite interesting but I should have stayed to listen I think. All the meetings today was in Bahasa Indonesia so I could not understand so we went to see and old station built by Dutch colonialists in about 1930 to measure climate stars windspeed like Greenwich. Large telescope that could almost measure size of stars I had not seen Greenwich so it was a first for me. Driving us to Bandung again so slow and packed of traffic you could almost walk faster. I probably have to go to a different hotel tomorrow the same one I have been which was very good. It is beside a large golf club cost about 100 USD for 18 holes’. Rich Indonesians Hotel Bandung Giri Gahana not far from our AINI meeting.
I also met with Kustantinah and Yuni to a match on Gammalang. Never tried before. A group of people were matching how to use gammalang the Indonesiainstrument much used. I should learn to write everyday where I am travelling.

8/7/11 Now morning have to spend the day here and return tomorrow morning from Jakarta. I expect to go out with a lecturer who will show me some kids for playing.
I have returned from a nice day visiting farmers producing milk from sheep. All farmers producing sheep for fighting demonstration with large horns. If the sheep are a good fighter the farmer could sell it for 1000 USD or more. I spoke to them a lot about feed processing which was not very good and too much processing. I went to meet the other group in the same hotel but now almost 10 did not come.
So tomorrow midday going by bus to Jakarta to catch the plane to Amsterdam. Has the trip been worth it? Many things I have not seen before. I should have gone today but had the wrong information about when the meeting was finished. My baggage is full. Hope Joan like it.