Seem again a long times. Now in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. We arrived at May 14 at night but had to start very early as plane took off at 0600. There Amsterdam stopped for 2 hours then of the Addis but had to stop at Kharton Sudan for 1 hour but stayed on the plane. We were well. The hotel is very nice. Yesterday free day Sunday we went to ILRI to meet up with Allan Duncan who used to be in Ecology Depertement. Nice to see ILRI that used to be ILCA when I worked with them many years ago now. Manay changes. Also met up Mrs Shirley Turawali I met many years ago in Kaduna Nigeria and more recently in Bangkok airport.
The meeting here is about biogas as the meeting in Uganda earlier in January.

Big meeting today- Mostly very interesting some a bit boring but seem that biogas is being taken very seriously in Ethiopia. We were out tonight with our group of 13 to a restaurant. Ethiopian dancing. A girl came down to dance with me and seemingly all enjoyed it.

Today we have been out in rural Ethiopia a place I have known for many years to see how some farmers have adapted biogas as a source of domestic fuel. Very nice to see the technique of using the slurry to make compost very suitable as real fertilizer. Seem so nice and they are all better. We shared dinner at a restaurant in Debre-Zat near the Institute I used to help. After that an urban farmer with 6 cows where some of the manure was used for biogas and the rest was dried to produce the Ethiopian ingera which could not be heated by gas. It was not so interesting. Tonight our group again went out for a dinner together with Ethiopian music. I was invited to come up and dance and apparently the audience enjoyed it as much as I did or so I was told ! Internet not working well here. Tomorrow have to speak and show film from Vietnam. Hope all will be ok.

Now back. The last day in the workshop was quite good. I gave a couple of lectures about the silvi-pastural systems slides and the Vietnam film. It was a quite hard day. Most people attending left the evening as morning only our groups of 5 from here Grant, Jo, Bedru and Lisa were here. We left at night as for coming out we stopped in Kharton at midnight and arrived at Amsterdam in early morning then Aberdeen. Joan was at the airport waiting. On the last day we were relatively free to do what we liked. We went to a local market but then it started to rain so I did not get as many souveniers as I was looking for. I went to James Hutton in the afternoon and slept until 11 AM today.