I started yesterday afternoon and arrived here in Yogyakarta at about 9 PM. I was collected by Tin Tin and her lodger. They have put me in the University guest house. Very nice and no cost but also no internet connection. Had a meeting Monday 7 to go through all the proposals. Out of 319 applications we could only finance about 15. I am a bit concerned about that. Had some disaagreements with Grant about some of it.

Today not so bad. We went to an area which had suffered a lot from Merapi eruption in October to start new projects. We had TT Project accepted at the OF meeting. There was also talk about biogas and seen a new biogas producer for the first time in Indonesia. They also saw the Vietnam film about biogas.
We had a lovely meal at Prembanam temple. As usual where in the world could you get such an atmosphere at a meal so cheap with only 12 USD for 2.

Had a wonderful time lecturing to about 15 Post grad students. It was as usual nice and with a good feed back. No interpretation needed. Then we went out in a part of Gunung kidal province to see a new farm set up by a businessman or rich man who wanted to set up a cattle and goat farm with the main objective to help small farmers to gain some money by growing the calves and kids and share the price at the end. Nice thought of cause but no real farming. Tomorrow morning Tin Tin and I go to village to see the bridge and give a present to the school the primary school where I have been so often before but always glad to be back. Today an earthquake in Japan or Tsunami as the quake was in the sea. I have no access to internet, TV here so no information except power 8.9 and bad in the Northeast of Honzhoe island in Japan.

Now in Puri Artha hotel again. The guesthouse was not suitable no food no internet etc. Today we went to Woulangi again mainly to see the school. I had a £100 present from Less Mag. They need a new second hand computer. I said if the money was not enough I will help. Met a few of the goat farmers but all well. We then book the afternoon at Merapi to see the damages in October and November which occurred just after I left last time. It was quite a tragedy. Many people killed and hundreds of animals. It was strange to see that in parts all houses were burned due to flame of burning lava with just all wood and outside trees on fire. In the part loads of lava but cooler virtually covered the house so much damage. There was also new tourist set up to visit the damaged area. I have not seen such damage before. Have had no problems with TV now seems and have just now see the earth quake caused by Tsunami in Japan. Feel very bad many hundreds of people have been killed. The earthquake was a richter scale of 8.9 in the sea close to Sanday where we had a meeting many years ago.
Tomorrow Sunday will meet up with Dewanty from Lambok.

Had a very relaxed day with Dewanti and her 2 boys. They are studying here in Yogya. One vet and one simply agriculturist.

Tomorrow lecturing again to 51 undergraduates. Still lots of problems in Japan due to the very bad earthquake which has killed thousands and caused immense damage.

It was a lovely time lecturing to a large group but had to start at 7:15 so up at 6:30 but it was nice. In the afternoon, I went to Yakkum the shop I always go to shopping produced by handicapped people. I had not told them I was coming but had a lovely welcome. The girl actually sent an email to me some time ago that the shop was open again after having stopped during the Merapi eruption in October. All living within a radius of 20 Km had to leave and the Yakkum shop was one of them. I almost bought more than I should. When I returned to the Puri Artha I asked the reception about Rotary club meeting. I was told by Kustantinah that Rotary was now meeting on Wednesdays at Puri Artha. They told me there is a meeting now so call and see which I did. It was a Rotary club ok but not the club I knew. But they gave me such a wonderful welcome. There were only 7 members there 5 women and 2 men. So another Rotary club they like to cooperate with us. In the morning lecturing again to a very nice group of young students. Hatardi who is formally retired was the leader. Thus a group of the senior member of my Department had organized a lovely meal in a west Java restaurants in my honour, I think. They do not do this generally. Then going out early to a small visit at Malioborough street and my favourite restaurants there called Legian.

Today celeberation of new professor like last year with Kustantinah. This time Ali request, As a professor I had to be specifically dressed to the occasion very formal. White shirt, big white tie, big black hat and coat. After that plenty of food and met many people I knew. In the afternoon another session on Merapi to see some damage done by cool lava which covered many houses. Fortunately most people got out first. I got some good picture of that.

Tonight here there was a Rotary club meeting of the club I know Yogyakarta club again nice to meet left with them for a meeting but of course it was conducted in Bahasa Indonesia so it was a bit boring in part but they all were happy or so they said to met up with me again. Of course we worked together on the Bridge of Wonolage almost about 4 years ago.

Had a lovely day lecturing in the morning and visit the dairy goat project set up 2 years ago near to Merapi. That was nice to see the progress. 30 goats have become now 94. They are getting goat milk at a price 3 times that of cattle milk. They are also now getting goat manure in new plastic bags as compost so another source of income. They saw if the manure also used as a fertilizer. It was nice to meet up with this. Weather was wet but here the rain is warm. Tomorrow out to set up the new Orskov Foundation project which was passed last week. Puri Artha is nice hotel.