Books by Bob Orskov

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Trails and Trials in Livestock Research
      E. R.Ørskov, 2002. IFRU

Protein Nutrition in Ruminants
      160 pp. (2nd Edition), E. R. Ørskov, 1992. Academic Press: London and San Diego.

The Feeding of Ruminants, Principles and Practice
      90 pp. E. R. Ørskov,
1987. Chalcombe Publications: Kent, UK.

Energy Nutrition in Ruminants
      149 pp. E. R. Ørskov
& M. Ryle, 1990. Elsevier: London and New York.

Reality in Rural Development Aid, with Emphasis on Livestock
      88 pp. E. R. Ørskov,
1993. Rowett Research Services Ltd: Aberdeen, UK.