Contact with Rowett Research Institute

In June 1966 I had a letter from Dr.. Blaxter of the Rowett Research Institute to say that the job he mentioned to me at my interview at the University was now advertised. It was in the sheep section of the Applied Nutrition Department. I applied for the job and I believe an interview was called at the Rowett Research Institute and four people were interviewed. In spite of this Dr. Blaxter offered me the job. I accepted subject to a start at SSO level which was granted. The job was to start on January 2nd 1967.

Later that year I began to plan my return but as I had now money that I hadn’t used,  I began to speculate on whether I should take the once in a lifetime opportunity to go back the other way, go west to prove to myself that the earth was round! I also wanted to visit Australian friends including Brian Chatterton who now lived in Adelaide and also visit friends in Melbourne and Armidale. I found that the money was sufficient. I could manage.

We had a wonderful send off party at the lab. Bill showed a film of me calving a cow in the Respiration Chamber then putting the film in reverse showing me panting trying to push the calf in.

My first call was San Francisco and then Honolulo in the Hawiai islands. I met young Americans going to fight, as they said, a futile war in Vietnam. I spent a couple of days in Honolulo then the next stop was Fiji and on to Sydney, meeting Graham at CSIRO. I then went to Armidale to meet up with Ron Leng and across to Melbourne. Adelaide was the next stop to meet up with Brian Chatterton who had a small sheep farm but also worked with wine. This was again a very exciting trip seeing so many new things. I finally went to Perth to meet Reg Moir a great livestock philosopher, and then away to Singapore and also Karachi in Pakistan where I spent another few days in and finally away to Copenhagen where I was met in the airport by Joan. We went home for Christmas. Joan had learned to speak a bit of Danish but she always said that I was so high on the excitement from the trip that I was difficult to talk to! As far as I remember we spent New Years Eve in Doncaster and in January I went to Scotland and met Dr. Jones on January 2nd at the Rowett Research Institute but that is the beginning of another story.