Summer of 1965

I completed my PhD studies in May 1965. The summer of 1965 was really nice I worked on papers for publication and Joan helped me also. We went to Scotland for holiday together, and she also did a lot of drawings for my thesis. My sister Grethe worked at Reading during that time and they both helped to print several copies of the thesis with help of a Gestetner machine. Dr. Clive Balch from NIRD recommended me to go to USA to study with one of his friends and colleague Dr. W. P. Flatt. I got in touch with Dr. Flatt who tried to find some money for me and at the same time I applied to other funding bodies with some success. When all was settled I booked a ticket on a boat call Bremen to go to New York. Before that there was a job advertised at Aberdeen University for someone to run an MSc course in Animal Nutrition. I was encouraged to apply which I did and went by plane to Aberdeen one evening to have breakfast the next morning with Professor Raeburn in the Station hotel. On the bus to the aircraft I met with Dr. Blaxter also going to Aberdeen. I told him I was going for an interview. He mumbled a bit not quite approving. I did not know he was on the governing body of the School of Agriculture and I was to see him at the interview. In the morning I met up with Professor Raeburn who before we finished breakfast offered me the job even if I went to USA first for a year but he had to persuade the Governing Body. I think I did reasonably well at the interview. There were two more from the University interviewed by Professor Raeburn had already told me he did not want any of them. However it took a long time for them to decide. When the door was finally opened Professor Raeburn was clearly upset. He told me that no decision had been reached but I would be told shortly. Afterwards Blaxter invited me to go with him to the Rowett Research Institute where he was Director and had been for one year then. We drove back in his little Morris Minor I remember. Then he told me that he was the one who did not think the job in the University was the job for me but next year there would be vacancies coming up at the Rowett Research Institute much better suited to me and he would keep me informed. Was this correct! Well I never regretted not being offered the job.

A short time later I had my visa to go to the USA -promising not to run for president etc.! and went to join the passenger ship Breman to go to New York. Joan took me to the ship in Southampton, I almost missed it and hardly had time to say goodbye, got on a tender boat waiting in the harbour to take me to the big ship. What a ship. The next six days were lovely, really enjoyable. I made some friends mostly German girls and I met one of them several times later in the US.