Social events and girls

. Carol was doing a diploma course in agriculture. I felt that I should of course be interested in agricultural students and she invited me home to see her parents in Teighmouth, Devon. I think on the whole we were good friends. There was not really talk about anything serious. I recall though one evening I took her back to her hall at Mansbridge and she said she did not want to go out with me again. A month later she regretted it and we went out again. From Reading she went on to do a course at Wye College so I got to know Wye College quite well. Anyway the relationship fizzled out .in spring of 1963. Before that a young girl who was assistant  to the farm manager at Lane End Farm had taken an interest in me. I was not always able to resist. Her parents lived in Reading. I suppose I became aware of her interest in me when I set off on my scooter to visit Carol at Wye. She was crying. Anyway as Carol faded so Meg flowered. Meg and I were together for the next two years. We had many arguments but we always got over it, she was much younger than me. I felt she had the ability to do better and get better qualified. She was sacked from Lane End Farm and eventually got a job at the Grassland Research Institute in Hurley. I think she felt inferior to me, I also wanted her to change a bit which was totally unfair.

As soon as she left I fell for a red-head called Astrid. She was from New Zealand. At the end of her studies her parents came to visit her. This proved disastrous. They did not approve and stopped me from visiting her in her home. . In the last year of my studies I was going to visit a casual girl friend who sometimes came from Maidenhead to see me. She had been the girl friend of another friend at the University but they had broken up. I had no real interest in her but found she had a nice flat mate Joan. I rang my friend one day but she was out however Joan invited me to call by and she was far removed from agriculture, an artist, a teacher (which was not in her favour as they sometimes speak to you like they speak to the kids they teach). Anyway she became and still is my wife and mother to my three kids!