Keeping in touch with Denmark

Almost at weekly intervals I had long letters from my mother. She had wonderful handwriting. She never made a mistake and yet her schooling was probably poorer than mine. She wrote so easily about everything and included pressed flowers from the fields at home. I went home at regular intervals. The second year I was at Reading I took a group of postgraduates and final year students to Denmark. Since I had a licence to drive buses from my army days, I hired a bus in Denmark which was waiting for us when we got there. We first went to my home village of Fjelstervang where members of the group were put up in various places and then we went on to Sjaelland and Copenhagen. We really did have a good time. We had a party at the KVL. We went to the theatre, we went everywhere. Once I found I was going in the wrong direction on a main street but managed to turn the bus around in the street to the great acclaim of the students.. Brian Chatterton a good friend and I had gone on ahead and we picked up the bus and met the rest of the party at Esbjerg One passenger Dickon Hovell got to the boat in Harwich too late but did. manage to get to Esbjerg the next day. I asked him not to move from the phone box until somebody from Fjelstervang had collected him. It was a nice trip which was enjoyed by everybody I think including the bus driver cum interpreter cum organizer! There were three girls on the trip one of them was Meg Chisholm.