University of Reading

I had registered for a two year Master of Agricultural Science. I arrived to be a resident in St. Patricks Hall,and was given a room near to a doorway. I quickly had to get used to a different form of life from that in Copenhagen. We did not make any of our own food  . Eating was communal, and often in gown. I hated that formality after the initial novelty was passed. Hall life was poor compared to Kollegiet. Maybe one reason was that I was older than most Reading postgraduate students by 8 to 10 years

My tutor was a young red haired lecturer Dr. David Allen. He had a PhD from Nottingham, was a good teacher and became a friend. He was never too hard working but very intelligent. Another teacher was Sidney Fox who was also exceptionally intelligent in my opinion and lived, at Lane End Farm, then there was Professor Duckham and Professor Tyler and Dr. Balch for Biochemistry and Dr. Taylor.

The first six months was course work and I attended the last year undergraduate course and some special seminars. It was very much up to one self to set the pace.

I also attended lectures to get used to the language, after all I had no qualifications in English. I could speak quite well but had only the benefit of 10 evening classes in Copenhagen of formal training. Writing was difficult and I made many mistakes. My tutor was sometimes frustrated, wondering how I would ever write a thesis in English. I took part in social life with the younger students younger, I joined a ploughing team which competed with Cambridge, Oxford, Reading, Wye and Bristol. I finished up the overall winner, partly because I had experience in bad weather. So my first success was winning a University ploughing match!

Apart from all that I joined the boat club and rowed in the Reading 5 as stroke. Not a good boat but it was fun. When I told my mother that I had taken up rowing her response was will you be in the Olympics? She had come to think that I was always successful!