Social life in Copenhagen

After I got the high marks in year 1, I was invited to stay at the Hall of Residence at Hostrupvej 20. It was a wonderful place to live. On each floor there were 20 rooms , 10 on the left and 10 on the right of the stairs. Each group of 10 students shared a kitchen and normally making dinner was taken in  turns on week days. Each student specialised in doing 2 or 3 dishes so that the meals were quite variable. My speciality was frikadeller, or curry with meatballs! The price for each meal was generally about 2 Kr. The kitchen was a social unit which competed with other floors. We held dances and dinner parties and invited girls but quite respectable generally. I did get so drunk one night that I was seen making speeches, when everybody had left. I went to a restaurant and demanded to be paid for singing. The restaurant did not appreciate that too much. However after that experience I promised myself never to loose control like that again and so far I have kept that promise. Needless to say this was after the second year. I did not dare to take too much port before that. The hall of residence was really good. The rooms were comfortable and the company good. At that time there were hardly any girl students- only 2 out of 90, so it was really all boys together.

The folk high school society was very popular. They had a hall on the lakeside outside Copenhagen where we were did old time dancing. I began to feel more confident about dancing and all in all particularly the last year was socially very nice. Copenhagen is such a pleasant city in which to be a student with so many places to go Tivoli, theatres etc. While I had experienced Copenhagen when I was in the army it was quite different as a student. The college was surrounded by the most beautiful gardens where one could sit and read (but generally got distracted by nice girls passing by.) I did have flirtations during my student years but nothing really serious. I was uncomfortable with girls! I felt inferior and I think they got tired of that. However all in all the third year was good socially since I felt I could now be more relaxed about my studies. I had proved to myself that I could do it!