Agricultural Student in Copenhagen 1958-1961

On the plane I wrote a card to my parents in Fjelstervang telling them I would now be at the Agricultural University in Copenhagen. I contacted Ove as soon as I got there. He had passed the first year. I managed to hire a small room with the same landlady as him and I went to the University to Register. I had entered the University. Despite my little formal education I had passed the entrance examination but the real test was in yet to come. Ove of course said if he could do it so could I.

I recall I went back to see Ellen Hartman. An elderly woman who was a friend of Niels Nielsens family. I had spent many evenings with them when I was in the army. Her husband had died while I was away from Copenhagen. She was so happy to see me back. I was her adopted son in Copenhagen and she was my mother! I could always drop in for coffee. She was  a wonderful lady.

I stayed with Ove’s landlady for a couple of months but moved soon to a much better flat in Dr. Abildgaards Alle with Fru Jorgensen, quite a stately and formal lady but she liked to mother me and I always had the rest of her coffee. She was very kind and as this was within walking distance of the University I stayed there for a year.