Earnings at Timewells

My salary consisted by law of £7 10s per week and 10d/hour for overtime. Then in the middle of it I was informed it had increased to £9 per week. When I showed that to Mrs. Large she was not pleased and I could not understand why she did not wake me up the next morning early for milking. The answer was that she could not afford paying overtime for early morning work. I think I said that she did not need to give me more for overtime but I have forgotten.

When in May 1956 I left England I was a rather changed person – I think. I had gained a lot of self confidence. It was one of my most difficult periods I was no longer content just to be a farmer. I felt if I really wanted to I could study to get an agricultural degree. For about six months I had hardly spoken a word of Danish. It was a strange feeling suddenly to speak Danish again. I began translating from English, however after a short time Danish was again the easy one.