Agriculture at Timewells farm

In effect Mr. Large or Major Large was in charge of cropping and Mrs. Large the dairy cows. It is difficult to understand how the Ministry of Agriculture could have selected a farm like this for he training of overseas students. They did not know about practical farming. I could have taught them a few things. Just before I came, Major Large decided to burn the straw from the fenland after harvest. Since it was very dry

the land burned for several weeks. It was peat soil, how could he do such a stupid thing. In order to clear the land of couch grass he rotavated it which only ensures that it spread even more. I was told off because I was ten minutes late back for lunch having been harrowing to wanting to ensure I finished the job which was a mile away. I should not have done that -rather I should have gone  back with the slow tractor after the dinner break to complete ten minutes of work. He never thought of farming as a way of life rather as a 9 to 5 job! His farm worker was incredibly lazy and did as little as possible and got angry with me for working too hard.

Mrs. Large really wanted to build up a good dairy herd but she bought the most expensive feed and the most expensive cows in the market and made little profit. Many years later after they had left Timewells she said “We had saved a lot but at Timewells we lost it all.” I cannot say I was surprised, they had no practical experience of farming.