Arrival at Timewells Farm

I kept an eye on all the stations from Kings Cross in case I missed Lincoln but I got off and there was a man there in a brown jacket, sharp featured with glasses who asked, “Are you Ørskov”? I had arrived! The conversation was incredibly difficult. I had a pocket dictionary with me and I asked him to find words I did not understand.

I must now briefly introduce Major and Mrs. Large. Mr. Large had been a major in the army for many years and participated in both world wars. At the end of world war II he was given early retirement and a lump sum I believe but had no agricultural experience whatsoever! Mrs. Large had worked on the domestic side in the wartime, I am not sure where and how but she had a diploma in dairying from Reading University. I do not know when they met but sometime after the war they married and decided to pool their funds to buy a small farm on the Lincolnshire fenland and turn it into a dairy farm making use of Mrs. Larges experience. Mr. Large had some machinery experience and could handle a tractor. They had adopted two children, Christina and Marion when they were about six and eight years old they were now eight and ten. I now feel I have to divide my stay at Timewells farm into different aspects.