April to November 1954

There was  nothing exceptional to say about my return to Østergård except that I had persuaded father to buy a tractor. So when I came home there was a new grey Ferguson tractor which I was responsible for and 2 of our 3 horses were sold.

Marius, my oldest sister’s boyfriend was very keen that I should take up refereeing in handball as he did. He entered me for the theory and practical exams. I passed both tests with high marks, apparently the only one who did out of the several entrants. Marius was proud and so was my mother so my first ever exam was to be a referee in handball! I made use of it, joined the professional referees club and actually got paid to referee a few matches during that summer. I also took on the training of the senior girls in the village school in handball and went with them to matches – they did well, I was popular with them I think.   I think it was the  influence of the Folk high school that enabled me to do things like this and I found pleasure in teaching (which in that first instance was teaching handball to 10-14 years old school girls.!)

In the autumn of that year on November 10th I took the train to Copenhagen. Though my younger brothers were now coming along another boy was hired for a year. Somebody we did not know. Father asked me to test him out for his working capacity in those first days of November which I did, We worked on collecting turnips from each side of the wagon, which gave us equal opportunity. He was soon exhausted I am afraid and not really a very good worker.