Religion played a very important role in the community. The community  without exception all belonged to the Lutheran Church. All were members of the church and most met Sunday by Sunday at church. All newborn were baptised, and confirmed at

age of 14. However except for the church which was common to all, the community was almost divided 50:50 into two groups- the so-called “inner mission” very puritanical to which our family belonged and the Grundtvig line, much less strict.

The inner mission people had ban on alcohol, dancing and playing cards but allowed singing games, a kind of set dancing, only differing from other dancing in that there was no music. The other line allowed dancing, some drinking and had no problems with playing cards. The youth from the inner mission met at the mission house for prayers and songs. The Grundtvig line had fewer meetings but met for dancing in the community hall. The youth of the inner mission played handball while the others played football, though here the divisions were not quite so strict. The women from both camps played handball in the summer. Gymnastics was practised in the winter by both camps led by the local teacher.