About Dr Bob Orskov

An introduction by Dr Robin Kay

"Bob Orskov was born as one of twelve children on a small family farm in Jutland. He hauled himself up by his own bootlaces through Danish agricultural colleges, eventually graduating PhD at the University of Reading. From there he came to the Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen. Here he led an ever-growing group that eventually became the International Feed Resources Unit, now transferred down the road to the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute.

Dr Orskov has made a prolific, original and varied contribution to our understanding of the principles and practice of the nutrition of farm animals. The unusual nature of this contribution arose as much from his background, and from the way he worked amid a cheerful and stimulating assemblage of colleagues and students from around the world, as from his intellect and energy.    

Various problems were identified, as much by curiosity as by the needs of farm animals. These were explored and developed as staeff skills and technical progress allowed. The conclusions reached sometimes flew in the face of revealed wisdom and permitted important developments in practice.

Recognition of his work led to numerous awards, notably the award of the OBE in 1988 and election to the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1991. The international origins of many of the projects studied, and Dr Orskov's natural sympathy with the needs of the small farmer and of the poor and hungry of the world, has led to an ever increasing involvement with international agencies and universities in the developing world. "

Robin Kay

Major Awards

  • Recipient of Sir John Hammond Memorial Reward by the British Society of Animal Production(1987)
  • Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in Queen's Birthday Honours(1988)
  • Elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh(1991)
  • Recipient of National Livestock Nutrition Award (1991)
  • International Science Festival award for being the most cited Agricultural Scientist in the country during 1981-1992.(1994)
  • Recipient of International Dairy Science Award from American Dairy Science Association (1994)
  • Elected fellow of Polish Academy of Sciences (1997)
  • Appointed Honorary Professor of the University of Aberdeen (1998)